Monday, October 13, 2008


Reviewer: Stephanie B. (Fallen Angel Reviews)

Five Angels: "Again Ms. Mendoza has used her talent to tell a fantastic story of redemption and forgiveness by placing her teen characters in very real situations many of today�s youth will face. Since Ms. Mendoza ties up all the lose ends in this story, I assume it is the end of the series. I will miss reading about the Russell family, they feel like neighbors. I am very glad I read this series, and if you are a teenager or know teenagers then this is a series you should read and pass along!" For full review, go HERE.

Reviewer: Black-eyed Susan (Long & Short of It Reviews)

Four & Half Books: "Ms. Mendoza has done a marvelous job of painting a portrait of teenage tunnel vision and angst as well as the family and societal turmoil that can accompany it. She's written Kevin in a strong, believable way...When I had to walk away from the story to attend to 'real life' I simply could not get Kevin and company out of my mind; I couldn't wait to get back to the book! In addition to giving us Kevin and his woes and defeats and triumphs and joys, the author also deftly wraps up some loose ends for the rest of the family members. Those who have waited for this last book to see how all these lives and trials come together will not be disappointed. The ending is very satisfying - like a cup of quality hot cocoa on a chilly day." For rest of the review, go HERE.

Reviewer: Vasiliki Scurfield (Between the Lines)

Fantastic, Stays on the Shelf
: "I was hooked from the very beginning and drawn into the story by the effective way that Ms Mendoza draws characters, sets the scenes and builds the plot. Her dialogue is excellent, very natural and smooth. Her story telling is seamless. As the story developed it didn’t matter to me that it was aimed at young adults. Her writing made it possible for me to identify with the main character despite him being a fourteen year old boy... She writes a story that is a rollercoaster ride, fast in pace and jam packed with action and character development. I found myself gobbling up this book, eager to see where the next page would take me, loving the hero... This is an enjoyable read no matter what your age, gender and religious beliefs. I can thoroughly recommend it." Full Review: HERE

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