Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Reviewer: Wisteria (Long & Short of It Reviews)

Four and Half Books & Nominated for book of the week: "Ms. Mendoza has written an absolutely wonderful tale filled with tender friendship and Christian morals, an amazingly inspirational story that had me riveted from the first page. Filled with amazing characters that go through pain and fear and learn to let go and face the future with open eyes and the possibilities it can hold. I have no reservations about recommending this story to everyone I know with a smile on my face and warm fuzzy feelings in my heart. I found it an absolute joy to read and can’t wait to see what Ms. Mendoza has coming next!" For full review, go HERE.

Reviewer: Brenda Talley (Romance Studios)

Four and a Half Hearts: "The plot for this book was fresh and interesting...This storyline was fun, daring, and easy to read. The method used for trying to locate a boyfriend to take home to the family for Christmas was one I’ve not seen addressed in my readings. It was whimsical, typically sad at times, and almost predictable. That did not, however, minimize the entertainment factor. Mendoza did what she does so well and that is to tell a story that is almost impossible to put down.I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a lighthearted read, an inspirational romance or not, and a creative writing style that is both amusing and enjoyable." For full review, go HERE.

Reviewer: Diana Coyle (Night Owl Romance Reviews)

Four Hearts: "Ms. Mendoza wrote a charming tale within these pages. I loved Daniel and Heather’s friendship together and was so happy to see that they had each other to lean on. The characters came alive for me and I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline the author created. I kept hoping that Heather would find Mr. Right and get over her phobia of committing to a partner for only a few weeks. It is apparent that Ms. Mendoza writes from her heart and the development of her storyline and characters reflect that notion. This is another story from a talented author that I would definitely recommend." For full review, go HERE

Reviewer: Stephanie B. (Fallen Angel Reviews)

Four Angels: "I enjoyed this sweet, sentimental romance. If you want to read a sweet inspirational romance, then Wanted: Boyfriend for Christmas will not let you down!" For full review, Go HERE

Reviewer: Tanya (Joyfully Reviewed)

"Wanted: Boyfriend for Christmas is a thoughtful, and inspirational story about finding the love of your life and taking the chances necessary to keep them...I found Wanted: Boyfriend for Christmas a well written and heartfelt story with just enough dating humor to make you chuckle." For full review, go HERE.

Reviewer: J. Shisler (Amazon Reader)

Four Stars: "This was my first ever Christian romance novel, and if I had known that going in, I might not have given it a fair chance. But it was light and fun and sexy and I am glad that I tried it. I enjoyed that the Christian element was just one of many parts of the story. My expectation is that it would be the main part and that would have turned me off a bit, honestly. The story was quick paced, funny and believable. I read the whole thing in one day and loved the sexy Mexican hero. Why don't we see more of that??? :) Give it a try, it was fun!"

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