Thursday, August 13, 2009


Reviewer: Orange Blossom (Long & Short of It Reviews)

Four & Half Books: Review for "Wish Upon A Rock Star" by Kimberlee-- "Another excellent tale from Ms. Mendoza. She just has a knack of writing the American teenager...I loved the whole rock star incognito plot. Lovely story. Terrific writing. Great characters. Probably one of my favorites in the anthology." For full review go HERE.

Reviewer: Sky (Romance Studios)

Five Hearts: "Summer vacation is a magical time and a teenage girl enters each one with high expectations. And highest of all is usually the hopes of a summer romance that may even carry over into a happily ever after. Summer Lovin' is an anthology of stories of six of these girls and what they did over their summer vacation...
Summer Lovin' is a perfect book to read poolside or at the beach...Cute boys, gorgeous boys, even kind and caring boys.

Read this book this summer, I think its magic is contagious." For FULL review, go HERE.

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