Saturday, November 28, 2009


REVIEWER: Fern (Long and Short of It Reviews)
Four Books: ...a heartwarming story of redemption, faith, and trust... this is a wonderful little story that will tug at your heart and make you believe in the happiness derived from forgiveness...I would recommend this story. It’s very well written, the characters are memorable, and the pace is brisk. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll cheer for Emma and Johnny. I loved the journey they take to forgiveness, and the tentative trust that develops along the way as they put faith in not only God, but themselves.

If you want a story packed with emotion, you can’t go wrong with Johnny B. Goode For Christmas. For full review go HERE.

REVIEWER:Romance Reader (Sweetly Reviewed)
9.5: "Have you ever read a book that just tugs at every emotion you have and then some? Let me just say that this was one that twisted me up and spit me a good way!
I LOVED every thing about this story! Not one thing wrong with it other than it ended!!!! I didn't want it to. I wanted to keep reading but alas, I realize the story had to end sometime, I am just thrilled that Ms Mendoza allowed me to come along on the journey :)
*SNAPS* on a job superbly done!!!!I just can't say enough good stuff but I know if I don't stop this review right now I will talk myself into re-reading it.....for the third time :)" For full review, go HERE

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