Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Reviewer: Orchid (Long and Short of It Reviews)
Five Books: "I am amazed how such a complete, interesting story can be fitted into so few pages...Definitely worth reading when you have a little time to spend with a really good story." It's also up for BOOK OF THE WEEK. For Full Review, Go HERE.

Reviewer: MarthaE (You've Gotta Read Reviews)
You GOTTA Read: "This quick, short story will bring tears to your eyes and a sweet hope and peace to your heart. My only disappointment was that is wasn’t longer and I would love to read a full work by Ms. Mendoza." For Full review, go HERE.

Reviewer: Brenda Talley (Romance Studios)
Four and half hearts: "I enjoy reading Ms. Mendoza's work. I like her writing style. She is concise and packs a lot of valuable information into her short novels. This was fast-paced and powerful. When Bethany was forced to face her biggest rival, would her attitude change? The powerfully emotional work grabbed my attention from page one and didn't lose me. I couldn't put the book down." For full review, go HERE.

There were a couple of big surprises within the pages of this book. It was not at all how I expected the book to end. The characters were dynamic and believable. I highly recommend this book for all to read. It is even suitable to younger readers.

Reviewer: Dawn (Night & Owl Reviews)
3.5 Stars: "This story was short yet very powerful. It reminded me of how we often misjudge others and fail to take the time to really get to know them. Just as Lilly brought joy and comfort to Bethany's life, we can find joy and comfort in others if only we tear away our "walls" and give people a chance. This story brought tears to my eyes and hope to my soul. Lilly’s Garden is a story offering renewed hope to readers, recharging their hearts and reminding them of God's gift of unconditional love, so that we can try to share that gift with others, too." For full review go HERE.

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